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Destiny leadership schools events bring together multi discipline participants in weekly gathering to interface with Destiny Faculty and receive instruction on key aspects of leadership. Participants are professionals from every discipline, including business owners, church leadership teams and others. Learn more about upcoming leadership schools on the events page

Foundational Modules

    1. Discover and Develop the lead in you
    2. Define your strategic roadmap for leadership
    3. Disciplines to nurture as an effective leader
    4. Developing other leaders

We emphasise a hands on approach, practical methods that act as a bridge between what is learned in the formal education sector with the practical experience of the challenging leadership experience in the work place. We provide Personal and Organisational Development training enabling set up, preparation of organisational manuals and other tools that empower and equip individuals and organisations to operate with impact and transform society.

The clarion call of our training events is, become CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE, pursuing servant leadership with excellence and Integrity


We provide in-house organizational training. We juxtapose fundamental truths against daily living experiences seeking to see how we marry divine principles as espoused in literary form with day to day living for every sector of life. Destiny programs are designed to forge networking and provide ongoing practical support.

Workshop/Seminar Topics

              1. Crafting A Vision and Mission statement
              2. PSP: Public Speaking and Presentation
              3. Personal Branding; the unique inner and outer YOU!
              4. Wellness and wholeness; Living healthy and energised
              5. Building strong leadership teams
              6. Leadership Gifts and Styles
              7. Family enrichment seminars, the Leader in the family
              8. LIRA: Personal Goal setting 


Leadership EXPO is a celebration of outstanding leadership. It is a gathering of leaders that identifies, recognizes and celebrates leaders with the giving of awards. The goal is to rejuvenate, refresh, challenge, inspire, equip and invigorate leaders. Our team of outstanding market place leaders share their experience in the work place of leading at the top with a ‘how to’ approach. The mood at these gatherings is 'lets celebrate' attracting large numbers where leaders network and share their leadership journey experiences. We also work in partnership with churches to bring the EXPO speakers to their venue.